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Sample course and online exam

Sample course notes, personal course plan and online module exams

We are a college based on the web and all our courses are online courses

Once you have completed your registration and payment you will be sent a welcome note with your username and password to access the online student e-Campus.

From the Course Portal you are able to download the course manual and past exam paper (see sample course notes below).

You may print a copy for study purposes or future references.

A personal course plan (see sample below) is emailed to you and on a weekly basis.

Your e-Tutor will send you an email advising you on your study program for the week ahead.

You e-Tutor will also send you your exam results and your next course password and exam links and passwords each week.

For each module there are two online exams which are timed exam (see sample below). These exams are sent to you by email which have a link to our website for you to complete your exam. The exams are multiple choice and input (type in the answers) questions.

You will receive your results immediately after these module exams. If the exam has input questions then the tutor will have to mark these manually and send you your results via email.

At the end of the course an assignment and a final exam covering the entire course is required.

These all contribute to the overall diploma course mark.

Module exams 40%, Assignment 20% and Final Exam covering all course material 40% = 100%