Courses for Call Centres

Maritime Shipping Courses for Call Centres

This course is ideal for receptionists and personal assistants in the Maritime Industry.

We are a global college therefore all our courses are online courses.

Maritime Shipping Courses for Call Centres, Receptionist and Personal Assistants

In such a specialised industry as the Shipping Industry training of new recruits is time consuming and costly. It takes time to up skill your operators which costs you money and sometimes clients.

What do you get?

We have designed courses specifically for a call centre operator, to ensure that the knowledge is attained quickly and in a format that can be understood with clarity.

This course may also be used for receptionists and personal assistants so they may be well informed of the industry and are confident when speaking to your clients.

Modules available are:

  • Shipping basics
  • Shipping documentation
  • Shipping terminology

You may select which modules you want your operators to enrol for and we package this for you, we can also offer branded packages, please view Branded Induction Courses above for more information.

Your operators receive an e-Certificate on passing the course.

What will it cost you?

Cost per module is USD60 per person, you may select all three courses at a cost of USD170 per person, discounts provided for larger groups.

How will it be rolled out?

We would need you to provide us with the information of your employees and we will be provide them with a username and password which will allow them access to download the course material from our e-Campus into a print format which they may file for study purposes

When they have completed the learning phase they are required to attempt an online exam on the course material.

You may set the pass rate percentage ie minimum pass of 65%, if they do not achieve 65% they would need to rewrite the exam again. They are allowed to redo the exam one more time.

On passing the course they will receive an e-Certificate.


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