The 2018 New Year's Resolutions Survey found that respondents' top four New Year's resolutions remain the same as the prior year:

(1) become more physically fit;

The introduction of containers resulted in vast improvements in port handling efficiency, thus lowering costs and helping lower freight charges and, in turn, boosting trade flows. Almost every manufactured product humans consume spends some time in a container.

10 Ways to Stand Out at Work

These tips will help you stand out at work in a good way.

Tip 1: Have a Positive Attitude

With so many people going to work with a horrible attitude, and dreading each day, you can stand out in your job if you approach it with a positive attitude. Consider the time you spend at work to be your way of contributing to society, and enjoy it.

Tip 2: Work Well on a Team

A good way to stand out at work is to be a good team player. If you keep your team of people on-task and do a good job maintaining harmony on the team, you will be noticed as a valuable asset to your company.

Tip 3: Communicate Well With Others

Much of working well in a team requires good communication. When you are working on a project that involves other employees, make sure to stay on top of communication, letting them know how you are doing, asking for help if you need it, and helping them so you can turn out a final product that represents all of your best work.

Personal branding is how we market ourselves to others. It's a timeless concept. The two reasons why branding has always existed on a person level is that we always have to sell ourselves in various situations, from trying to impress our managers so that we can take on bigger projects, to convincing our friend to see a movie. Also, we're always being judged based on first impressions.

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