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People from all walks of life and all parts of the world have been visiting us and we are delighted that via our website you are joining the tradition.

We provide Global Qualifications for Global Positions.

ShippingCollege is a global college and is therefore based on the web to provide you with easy and fast access to globally recognised qualifications. All our courses are online courses.

Maritime Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding and Logistics are specialised industries which require specialised training.

Our courses are designed to prepare students practically for a career in Maritime Shipping, Clearing and Forwarding and Logistics.


As an individual currently in or aspiring to be in this exciting industry your most important tool is your knowledge base. The industry will require you to be informed of the special terminology and documentation used to fulfill your role. Our courses will prepare you for practical application of the maritime shipping, clearing and forwarding or logistic knowledge you will acquire once completing the relevant courses.


As a successful organisation, you will recognise that your most important assets are your people. Training is recognised as a key element by highly effective organisations wishing to maintain a competitive advantage and improve their business performance.

1. Corporate partnership - a choice of one of our diploma courses with your brand added onto our course material,

2. Branded induction courses - We will design a professional induction program with a choice of one of our foundation courses,

3. Maritime shipping courses for call centres - shipping basics, shipping documentation and shipping terminology

Course requirements

1. English language. All courses are written in English and the assignment and exams are set in English. This is the primary language of global business,

2. Computer, internet connection and a printer, should you wish to print the course material,

3. A valid e-mail address,

4. Time set aside to study as per the course requirements and

5. Payment of your course.