Certificate Courses

Certificate Courses

Pilot Certificate courses

You may either complete your Diploma as a single course (at a lower cost)  or complete the Pilot Certificate courses individually to accumulate all your credits to attain your Diploma over a longer period.

If you intend to obtain your Diploma we recommend you attempt the Pilot Certificate courses as listed under the relevant diplomas.

International Trade and Maritime Shipping Certificate - USD60

- Early days of commercial shipping, International trade and freight shipping, Trade routes and shipping routes, World trade policies, Industry issues, Environment and shipping. Read more and Register



Containerisation Certificate - USD60 

- Liner trade, Container types, Freight and charges, Packing of containers, Load securing in containers, Container ship categories, Export and Import transaction and more.  Read more and Register


Vessels, Cargo Types and Transport Modes Certificate - USD60

- Vessel types, Cargo types, Break bulk shipping, Bulk shipping, Tramp service, Rail Transport, Road transport and Intermodal versus Multimodal.  Read more and Register


International Contracts and Payments Certificate - USD60

- International trade law, Contract of affreightment, Preparing and international sales contract, Incoterms, Methods of payment in international trade, Introduction to UCP600.  Read more and Register


International Customs and Shipping Documents Certificate - USD60

- Enquiry documents, Instruction documents, Transport documents, Insurance documents, Customs documents, Inspection documents, Finance documents and more.  Read more and Register


Shipping Role Players Certificate - USD60 

- Exporter and importer, Ocean carriers and ship owners, Shipping agents, International ocean freight forwarders, Inland carriers, Ship brokers, Cargo brokers and more.  Read more and Register


The Freight Forwarding Business Certificate - USD60

- Role of Freight Forwarders, Capitalisation and Assets, Forwarders Business Structure, The Container Export and Import Transactions and more   Read more and Register


Transport Modes Certificate - USD60

- Maritime Shipping, Airfreight, Road Transport, Rail Transport, Intermodal Freight versus Multimodal Freight and Route and Transport Mode selection.   Read more and Register


Vessels and Cargo Types Certificate - USD60

- Vessel types, Cargo types, Break Bulk shipping, Bulk shipping, Tramp service, Liner service, Types of Containers, Loading and Unloading Containers, Container securing, Load securing in Containers and more.   Read more and Register


Goods Classification and Duties Certificate - USD60

- The Role of Customs and Excise, Goods Classification, Customs Administrations, Customs Bonded Warehouse, Duty Calculation for Imports, Non-tariff Barriers to Trade, Special Tariffs, VAT and International Trade   Read more and Register


International Trade Law and Sales Contracts Certificate - USD60

- What is International Trade, Law in International Trade, Preparing an International Sales Contract, Model Sales Contract.   Read more and Register


Forwarding Operations Certificate - USD60

- Dangerous Goods overview, Groupage, Protection and Packaging of Goods, Weight to Volume comparisons, Freight Desk Operations, Detailing the Freight Costs.   Read more and Register


Logistics and Global Trade Certificate - USD60

- Origins of Logistics, Global Logistics, Global Trade Routes, International rules and regulations for importing and exporting, Importance of Global Trade, World Trade Policies.   Read more and Register


Incoterms Certificate - USD60

- Introductions to Incoterms, Selecting Terms, 2010 revision, Terminology, Rules for any Mode or Modes of Transport, Rules for Sea and Inland Waterway Transport.   Read more and Register


International Payments Certificate - USD60

- Methods of Payment, Documentary Collection, Letter of Credit, Uniform Customs and Procedures (UCP 600).   Read more and Register


Logistics in the Economy and Organisation Certificate - USD60

- The importance of Logistics, The Role of Logistics in the Economy, The Role of Logistics in the Organisation, Green Logistics, Future Challenges and Opportunities for Logistics.   Read more and Register


Importing, Exporting and Transportation Certificate - USD60

- Procedures for Importing and Exporting, Transportation, Multimodal versus Intermodal, Sea Transport, Airfreight and Airfreight Terminology, Road Transport, Rail Transport, International Documentation.   Read more and Register


Warehousing and Inventory Management Certificate - USD60

- Warehousing - types of warehouses, location of warehouses, functions of warehouses and more, Inventory Management - inventory functions, types of inventory, holding inventory and more.   Read more and Register


Purchasing and Materials Flow Management Certificate - USD60

- Purchasing in the Supply Chain - purchasing activities, purchasing research and planning, purchasing cost management and more, Materials Flow Management - packaging and more.   Read more and Register


Management and Control of Logistics Certificate - USD60

- Information Systems for Logistics - customer order cycle, advanced order processing and more, Logistics Efficiency, Logistics Performance Control - importance of accurate cost data, total cost analysis and more.   Read more and Register


Supply Chain Management Certificate - USD60

- Supply Chain Management, Implementing Logistics Strategy, Supply Chain Security.   Read more and Register


Sales and Service in Shipping Certificate - USD60

- What is Sales and Marketing?, Personal Selling Techniques, Customer Management, Your Personal Success Plan.  Read more and Register