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We are a global college therefore all our courses are online courses.

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with potential to fill key leadership positions in the company.

Succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.

Often, recruiting from the outside is time consuming, difficult and costly. It is easier and less costly for organisations to train and promote from their current employees.

Employees promoted from within tend to be highly motivated and are already knowledgeable about the organisations future goals and objectives.

Succession planning guarantees that all higher echelon management level positions within the organisation would be filled when the need arises.

Succession planning ensures consistency with the organisation's business, and saves companies the valuable time of recruiting new employees.

Succession planning helps create continuity in company leadership and management.

How can we help you with your succession planning?


What do you get?

We have designed and cultivated a program that will prepare your future leaders for key management roles in your company.

Our online Future Leadership Graduate Program will educate, inspire and motivate candidates and assist with talent retention in your company.

Choose tomorrow’s leaders today and register them for our

Future Leadership Graduate Program.

Our Future Leadership Graduate Program will encompass:

  • Maritime Shipping Diploma, Clearing and Forwarding Diploma, Global Logistics Diploma and Business skills.
  • Mentorship/Protégé program, the candidate gets to select a senior manager in your organisation as a mentor during the program and we will co-ordinate the progress during the course.
  • Recommendations for Port, Depot and Vessel tours organised within your HR team.
  • Job Rotation opportunities identified within your company organised within your HR team.
  • A final thesis is required by the candidate at the end of the program which will be available for your management review or presentation; the thesis will be on how they envisage their company in the future.

We currently only have the Maritime Shipping and Clearing and Forwarding FLGP programs available.

We will have the Logistics and Ports FLGP available in February 2016.


What will it cost you?

USD1999 per student, one year part time program.


How will it be rolled out?

The student would need access to a computer with internet access and time to study.

We would need you to provide us with the information of your employees and we will provide them with a username and password which will allow them access to our e-Campus.

They will have access to the:

Course Portal - this is where they will access their course notes and complete all your exams online

Shipping Library - this area is full of very important and interesting information for the courses and their career.

Student Forum- this is our newest area where they will be able to view previous and current student questions and college information. A social section is also made available so they may network and socialise with other students.

When they have completed the learning phase they are required to attempt an online exam on the course material. There are a number of exams they would need to complete during the course of each Diploma course. They are also required to complete a final online exam which encompasses all the course material and an assignment at the end of each Diploma course. All the learning from the Diploma courses and practical assignments will prepare them for their thesis.

The required pass rate is 65%.

On completing the program they will receive a Future Leadership Graduate Diploma.

We strive to create entrepreneurs in your organisation through practical training and guidance.

We will include a company branding induction course in this program at no additional cost if 10 or more students are registered per annum.

Terms and conditions apply.

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